Hello, I'm Dongjin Zhou(NICO).
Visual & Interaction Designer

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UX & UI Design, 3D Design, APP Development

Cybermoda is an AR fashion show app that acts as an information sharing platform to help users better understand the fashion shows and have a more immersive experience when watching remotely.
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Video Art & Motion Graphic Design

This project is created forMuseum, Chengdu, China. The main objective is to express traditional Chinese culture in a playful, and uncomplicated way. The visual presentation references traditional floral and textile patterns.
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Advertising Design, Poster Design, Website Development

This project is designed for a digital exhibition, includes advertising design and website landing page develope. For advertising design, there are static and dynamic posters for different social media. For the website landing page, design and develope the visual interaction.
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What's next?

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